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Hacking the Product Management Interview

Hacking the Product Management Interview

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We do not offer refunds on our courses given a large portion of their value proposition is the over 300 pages of downloadable content they come with in addition to the lifetime video access. We are proud of our content and that’s why we feature full length sample videos from all our courses to help you gauge if our materials are right for your needs and personal learning style before making a purchase decision.

Overwhelmed by all the different questions you may get asked during the product management interview?

Your time is limited and valuable so no there's no fluff content in our course. We filmed PMs from various top companies answering the 85 interview questions below to show you what 10-out-of-10 responses look like. All our HD videos are professionally annotated with graphics & notes to aid visual learners and show you exactly what to whiteboard. We explain the nuances of being an exceptional interviewee—from adding strategic framing in your answers to the body language you should exhibit.

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