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Product Alliance Full Library Access Pass (71.2% off)

Product Alliance Full Library Access Pass (71.2% off)

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We do not offer refunds on our courses given a large portion of their value proposition is the over 300 pages of downloadable content they come with in addition to the lifetime video access. We are proud of our content and that’s why we feature full length sample videos from all our courses to help you gauge if our materials are right for your needs and personal learning style before making a purchase decision.

This bundle includes all 10 of our premium courses:

  • 🔍 The Flagship Google PM Interview Course
  • ♾ The Flagship Meta PM Interview Course
  • 📦 The Flagship Amazon PM Interview Course
  • 🖇 The Flagship Microsoft PM Interview Course
  • 🍎 The Flagship Apple PM Interview Course
  • 🚕 The Flagship Uber PM Interview Course
  • 🤿 Company-Specific Deep Dives
  • 🧱 Breaking into Product Management
  • 🚀 Hacking the PM Interview
  • ⭐ Advanced PM Skills Course

And within those, you'll get:

  • 🍿 60+ sample interview answers from expert PMs, with voiceover commentary from our panel of calibrated interviewers
  • 🧩 Step-by-step interview tactics guides for mastering the 17 types of PM interview questions, taught by a Google PM
  • 🔮 1300+ interview questions asked in the last month at 28 companies (from FAANG to Stripe, Coinbase, Twitter, Tesla, and more)
  • 📚 30+ exclusive strategy videos breaking down the 10-year product roadmaps of Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Uber, and more
  • 🎭 Our famous "breaking the script" series for standing out at senior+ PM interviews, taught by a Director of Product
  •  39+ hours of unique video content across the 9 courses
  • 💫 Lifetime access to everything in our entire library, plus free updates for life. No monthly fees, no annual fees — this material is yours forever.
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