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The Flagship Uber PM Interview Course

The Flagship Uber PM Interview Course

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We do not offer refunds on our courses given a large portion of their value proposition is the over 300 pages of downloadable content they come with in addition to the lifetime video access. We are proud of our content and that’s why we feature full length sample videos from all our courses to help you gauge if our materials are right for your needs and personal learning style before making a purchase decision.

In our Flagship Uber PM Interview course, you will start off by learning Uber’s 10-Year Product Strategy, based on conversations with product leads from across the company, and shed light on why the company is so laser-focused on profitability and how that hurts competitors like Lyft; explore the economics of running a two-sided market in ridesharing and a three-sided market in food delivery; break down how Uber’s innovations in operations have helped it rapidly expand across the globe; and more.

Then, we will give you a refresher on the art of interviewing covering everything from whiteboarding to body language. We’ll reveal every variation of Product Sense, Execution, Technical, and Leadership and Drive questions you are most likely to get asked at Uber and then walk you through the concrete things that Uber interviewers are taught to look for in your response for each question type. We’ll also show you tons of mock interview examples of 10 out of 10 answers with expert interviewer commentary along the way.

Finally, we will share a monthly updated list of interview questions that our team members and past customers have actually gotten during their recent Uber PM interviews. With this course, you can take luck out of the equation for getting your dream PM job at Uber!

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